Adult Members – Club Rules

(see here for Junior rules) 

  effective November 2020 

  1. Who can become a member? 

Absolutely anyone.  We welcome players of all standards, from team standard to those who wish to learn to play; There is a variety of membership categories, designed to suit all. 

  1. How can I become a member? 
  • If you wish to join the Club, fill in the online ClubSpark form or the paper application form and preferably pay online or by cheque or cash to the office. New members are not admitted to the privileges of membership for an interval of two days between becoming members and being admitted to the privileges of membership.
  • Members pay a deposit for the key fob for the entrance gate; this is returnable on ceasing to be a member and the return of the key fob.
  • The Committee may award honorary membership at its discretion.
  • Off peak members may play up to 6pm Monday to Friday but not at weekends.

               The exceptions to this are if they are playing a full Adult or Junior member in the Club ladder or Tournament. 

  1. How are subscriptions organised? 
  • Annual subscriptions cover the season April 1st to March 31
  • Subscription are due on April 1st each year and if not paid by April 30th privileges of membership will be withdrawn.
  • The Committee may increase the annual subscription at its discretion prior to the start of the season.
  • Only members who have paid their annual subscription by a specified date in early April, have opted in and put West Middlesex LTC as their place to play will be entered in the LTA draw for Wimbledon tickets.
  • The Committee may make subscription adjustments during the season in certain circumstances at its discretion.
  • Once membership is paid, it is the property of the club, if a member decides to leave, for example because they are moving away, or due to long term injury, any subsequent refund, full or partial, is entirely at the discretion of the Committee. 
  1. Who is on the Committee and what does it do? 
  • The Committee manages the Club and consists of: Chairperson; Company Secretary; Treasurer; Ground Secretary; Ladies’ Captain; Men’s Captain; and other members.
  • The Committee makes sure that a Club member is nominated as Safeguarding Officer whose contact details can be found on the website.
  • Three voting members form a quorum of the Committee. 
  1. Is there an Annual General Meeting? 
  • There is an Annual General meeting in each calendar year at which the Annual Report and Accounts are presented to members. 
  1. Can I bring friends to play as visitors? 
  • Members are welcome to bring visitors to play at the Club. Any member playing with a visitor pays the appropriate visitor’s fee.
  • Visitors playing in recognised Club or LTA matches do not pay visitors’ fees.
  • A visitor can play on up to five occasions in any one season.
  • Prior to joining prospective members may play at the Club in Club Social Tennis sessions, a Back to Tennis group or at the discretion of the Committee. 
  1. How do you expect me to behave at the club? 
  • Do not cross a court while play is in progress on it. If you have to cross another court to reach yours or to pick up a ball, please wait for a suitable break (between games is best).
  • Shut the court gates and outside gate.
  • Only use tennis or other non-marking footwear on court.
  • Only use tennis shoes suitable for artificial clay on courts 3-5.
  • Do not use abusive or discriminatory language or behaviour.
  • Do not take chewing gum, drinking glasses, glass bottles or cans onto court.
  • Do not smoke on court or inside the Clubhouse.
  • Clear away all your rubbish to the bins provided.
  • Do not take bicycles, skateboards, scooters onto court.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off while you are playing.
  • Sweep clay courts after use.
  • No shouting
  • Adults are advised not to bring buckets or baskets of balls to the court for coaching or hitting purposes. Buckets should only be used by club coaches during prearranged coaching sessions. 
  1. When can I play and which courts can I use when? 
  • The hours of play and the court usage priorities are set out in the Statement of Court Usage, as revised from time to time. Members must give over the court to those that have priority at the time.
  • At busy times, where there are players waiting to go on court, play is limited to 1&1/2 hours.
  • If you are playing singles both players need to be present to secure a court, if you are playing doubles a least 2 players must be present to secure a court.
  • Planning permissions require us to ensure that the courts are clear of players and floodlights switched off by 10.45 pm each night on courts 1-5 and 10pm on courts 6-9. 
  1. What happens if I do not abide by these rules? 
  • Any member who does not comply with the Club Rules or who behaves inappropriately or not in the best interest of the Club may be disciplined by the Committee at its sole discretion.
  • The first stage in the disciplinary process is for the Committee to issue a written warning to the member detailing the inappropriate behaviour.
  • If such behaviour continues, the member is requested to attend a disciplinary hearing to discuss his/her behaviour. If the matter cannot be resolved, the disciplinary sub-committee may recommend to the Committee that his/her membership be terminated, any refund of membership is entirely at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Failure to attend a disciplinary hearing, without reasonable cause, will result in membership being terminated. 
  1. Safeguarding Statement 

West Middlesex LTC acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults at risk. The club is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and LTA requirements. The club’s safeguarding policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children and adults at risk are paramount in all circumstances.  A copy of the club’s safeguarding policy and details of our Safeguarding Officer is available on our website and displayed on the clubhouse noticeboard. 


Club Head Coach                                   Simon Langley                         07796 171302

Club Secretary                                         Sue Jones                                020 8998 3297

Safeguarding Officer                                Ruki Daruwalla                        07940 719395  

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