West Middlesex LTC Singles & Doubles Ladder Rules

  • Regardless of the number of players / pairs in each rung, only your best five singles match results or best four doubles results will count towards your total end of run points tally.
  • As the doubles ladder is completely mixed, players may only pair with one partner per run – this is to avoid the possibility of a player being drawn against him/herself in a rung at some stage! In case of injury to or long term absence of a partner, a player may, at the discretion of the organiser, play with a replacement partner as long as he/she is not already elsewhere in the doubles ladder.
  • At busy times, ladder matches should take place on the first available court. When a choice of surface exists, if opponents have differing preferences this shall be decided by a spin of the racquet.
  • Play two sets, tie-break at six games all (first to seven points or with a two point advantage after six points all) with a deciding Champions tie-break at one set all (first to ten points or with a two point advantage after nine points all). A third full tie-break set can be played but only if agreed by both parties and other courts are free for members waiting to play.
  • Enter the match result on the chart on the clubhouse noticeboard immediately after the match, or if you cannot gain admittance for any reason then at the first available opportunity.
  • Please endeavour to arrange the date and time of all your matches during the first five to six weeks or so, as time will invariably run short if this is left until the last minute; don’t wait for opponents to ring you, get in first, and please always return calls or messages a.s.a.p.
  • Two points are awarded for playing each match, and two points are awarded for each set won (plus a further point for winning the deciding Champions tie-break or third set at one set all). Once a set is commenced, should one player retire, the points for that set will be awarded to the opponent. Points gained in matches prior to a player or pair withdrawing through injury/unavailability will still count. Walkovers are not permitted.
  • Where possible (after allowing for new entrants and retirements) at the end of each run the two singles players/doubles pairs with the most points in each group move up a rung and the two with least move down one. A singles player winning all ten sets (30pts) or doubles pair with the maximum 24pts will if possible be promoted two rungs. If it seems however that any player or pair is severely “misplaced” I shall invoke the compiler’s right to use my discretion and relocate them to a more competitive slot! Please also be aware that as members join or leave the ladders your “numerical” position may appear to have changed or stalled unexpectedly, but your place relative to those around you should still be correct. Don’t forget – the more of your matches you play, the better the system works for everyone!
  • Any player/pair failing to play any matches during a run without giving good reason to the organiser and the others in their box will be removed from the following run of the ladder.

Should you have any problems or queries about the ladders feel free to email or ring me on the number below, and please make every effort to play all of your matches; above all, enjoy your tennis!

John Currie  07745 625716  email: johncurrie5@gmail.com

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